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Her house looked like I had imagined it. As lovely as she did and done up in pastel colours. Her furniture was like and her dining set was the craziest I had ever seen. Just two benches and a table. It looked like something some had abandoned some place but I could tell they must have cost a fortune.

“Welcome. Have a drink. There’s wine, whisky and cognac,” she said as she let me in.

She was dressed in  a man’s tee shirt, probably her boyfriend’s over red bum shorts. I couldn’t keep my eyes off her.

I poured myself some Hennessy then stood by the kitchen and watched as she finished what she was making then we had dinner. The food tasted very nice. It was jollof rice filled with shrimps, sliced snails and chicken.

When we were done, I helped her clear the dishes then we went back to the living room to listen to music.

I kept looking at my watch, willing the minutes to crawl slowly so that the magical night would not end.

“Do you have a girl friend?” she asked turning to look at me as a couple kissed on the tv screen which was on mute

“Not right now?” I said.

“What happened?” she asked.

“She went abroad,” I muttered suddenly feeling uncomfortable under her gaze.

“So, why not get another one. You are a fine young man and brainy too,” she said and leaned towards me. “You just have to loosen up, okay. You frown too much.”

“Thank you,” I said and she laughed.

“You don’t have to be so polite all the time too, if not people will walk all over you.”

She picked up the bottle of Hennessy and poured for me and her.

I picked up a glass and took a sip.

“Aha, you took my glass. I see you’ve been looking like you want to kiss me since you got here,” Julia said with a laugh.

“No,” I cried out licking my lips.

“No? You won’t like to kiss me?” she asked leaning dangerously close.

“No, I mean yes but I have been looking like” she didn’t let me finish as her lips found mine.

Her lips were soft and full and knowing.

She pushed me back on the settee as she kissed, her hands running all over my body.

I felt her tug at my belt buckle and then her hand wrapped around my dick.

I thought I would explode and to keep myself from not embarrassing myself I started thinking about Cecilia and how fat she would look in bed.

Julia took off her tee shirt and then slipped out of her red shorts and she was even more amazing naked.

She took a sip of her drink then bent over me. I felt the coolness of the cognac on my dick and then she was licking and sucking me until I thought I would go crazy from the sheer pleasure of it.

Then when I was panting and moaning Julia took me by the hand and led me to her bed where she lay back and guided me into her warmth.

We made love twice, that first time and the next morning after we had breakfast.

She kissed me at the door and as I drove home, I kept wondering whether I had imagined it all or whether I had really had sex not once but twice with THE JULIA.

I had never looked forward to Mondays like I did that weekend. I wanted to get to work and see her again. Just being close to her would be enough but because I just could go to her house without asking, I sent her a text – “I loved Friday night.”

She didn’t reply but it was okay. She was a smooth operator and maybe her boyfriend was back.

But that Monday morning as I said hello, Julia had asked me to come to her office.

“Friday was a one off,” she began as I shut the door. “It won’t happen again. So, no more texts, okay?”

I nodded and said okay.

My work is suffering. I can’t concentrate. I come to work early and stand outside just to see her arrive. I have sent texts asking for just one more night, one night, one more taste but Julia won’t even reply or look at me. I fear I am losing my mind. What can I do?

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  1. Somy

    I’ve been waiting for this second part like there is no tomorrow, and i must say, it was worth the wait! Kai, Damian, Na only you waka come for this kin Kasala!


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