One Star House Party’s couple who decided to open 20 pop-ups in 20 countries (TheTimes)

One Star House Party’s couple who decided to open 20 pop-ups in 20 countries (TheTimes)

When you’ve created pop-up restaurants in some of the most challenging or bizarre places around the world — 5,300m up Everest, say, or on a floating platform in the middle of a crocodile-infested Kenyan lake — cooking for 40 people a night over four weeks in a Notting Hill art gallery is never going to be the hardest gig. Which is perhaps why, a week before their opening night, Trisha and Kevin McCrae are taking it easy and enjoying all that London has to offer: a proper bed, for example, a wardrobe where they can hang their clothes and, for Trisha, a hairdryer. “It’s the first thing I bought when I got here,” she says. “I haven’t had one in a year and it’s the most luxurious thing.”

If you can cast your mind back to a gap year, when you may have spent six months living out of a backpack, spare a thought for the husband and wife who, along with their friend James Sharman, are not quite halfway through a challenge they set themselves one drunken night a year ago, to open 20 pop-up restaurants in 20 countries over 20 months. One Star House Party, as they call it, is part culinary odyssey, part social experiment as they throw themselves into life on the road, equipped with only their suitcases stuffed with a few clothes and all the cutlery, crockery and pans they can carry. Read more

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