March 23, 2019

OPC Faction: Yoruba Leaders not speaking with one voice

OPC Faction: Yoruba Leaders not speaking with one voice

A faction of the Oodua People’s Congress. New Era, yesterday alleged that Yoruba leaders were not speaking with one voice.

It said Yoruba must in 2019 vote a presidential candidate that would represent their interests.

Adeshina Akinpelu, the spokesman said in a statement,  the group said it would be in the best interest of Yoruba to speak with one voice.

He stated: “It’s very unfortunate that Yorubas, especially its leaders are not speaking in one voice, not to talk of going the same direction. The crop of Yoruba leaders we have around today are individuals who are consumed by greed, pride and ego. These are people responsible for the problems facing Yorubas today. They are ready to sacrifice the race on the altar of politics. It is such a shame that none of them can truly be called a leader because of their antecedents.

According to DailyTrust,“To say Yorubas have been cheated in the scheme of things in Nigeria is stating the fact. And if we fail to get it right and come together in 2019; we will suffer for it. Our people are suffering today just because some of our opportune leaders have mortgaged the resources that ordinarily should have gone to many. In the midst of plenty our people are suffering and yet these crops of leaders have not found useful to speak with one voice and chart a beneficial way forward for Yorubas.”

Akinpelu said his own faction had in the last two years been working with other factions of the OPC to harmonise the various groups into one.

He said: “OPC New Era believes that the realization of Yoruba objectives can best be achieved if all Yoruba pressure groups can come together. If OPC New Era can come up with this noble idea; why is it difficult for our leaders in Yorubaland to equally come together in the interest of the race to speak with one voice.”

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