March 22, 2019

“Open your legs wide let the demon find its way out” the Alfa told me

“Open your legs wide let the demon find its way out” the Alfa told me

I’m ruined.

I’ve been found out; everyone now knows I’ve been having sex with Alfa, the holy man who’s ‘office’ is located down our street. I should be relieved it’s finally over but shame and remorse weigh me down.

‘Tell me what happened again,’ my mother asked for the umpteenth time as if all I’d been saying had fallen on deaf ears.

I cleared my throat and began again. “It started last year November, after father died, when you asked me to go and see Alfa for deliverance,” I repeated again.

My father died seven months ago, from something my mother described as ‘an evil arrow shot at him by an enemy within.’  My mother could hardly cater for my three siblings and I on her meager earnings.

A young victim of genital mutilation

Someone had introduced my mother, a seamstress, to the Alfa, whom we all called Alfa Abdullahi. Shortly after meeting him, he told my mother that he had seen a vision, that a man had placed an evil mark on me. He asked her to send me over for deliverance so that what happened to my father would not happen to me.

On my second visit, he asked me to rinse my hands with cold water, then he held them over a pot of  boiling water . When he removed my hands I saw two cowries and a ring in the water. This scared me terribly. Alfa said a man put them inside my body and he (Alfa) was the only man that could remove the evil mark from me. He said he must sleep with me three times.

After school hours, I would carry my tray of fruits and head for the sex sessions of deliverance with Alfa. The first time he had sex with me, I felt raw and saw blood. I chewed down on my lips to stop from screaming out in pain. Alfa didn’t seem to notice as he humped and humped for what seemed like forever. Afterwards, he made me swallow a whole boiled egg without chewing:

“Swallow it whole,” he said.“And tell no soul until I have fully exorcised the evil mark, not even your mother or you die. The earth will swallow you whole, just as you did the egg.”

After the first sex deliverance, he told me I wasn’t cooperating by not opening my legs wide enough.  “Open your legs wider”, he said. “Wider, let the demon find its way out” and so I opened up and he humped and puffed, every week from November of 2014 till March of 2015.

What! Mother screamed when I told her Alfa had been having sex with me for such a long time.

“I couldn’t tell you, mama,” I cried . “Weeks back, Alfa asked me to buy an egg and rub it  all over my body before I broke it. I did and found seven needles in it.  That’s when he told me he had to sleep with me 7 more times!”

I remember begging Alfa not to. My body hadn’t recovered from the rigorous sessions it had been subjected to in the past few weeks but Alfa pressured me for more sex.

I didn’t know what else to do but give in, you see, Alfa scared me with tales of his powers and what he could do to people who betrayed him.

The problem of telling my mother was solved for me by one of mother’s customers, who told her she had been seeing me going in and out of Alfa’s ‘office’ with my tray of fruits.

My mother went berserk when she heard and marched me to Alfa’s office to tongue lash  him but to my utter surprise, Alfa descended on my mother and I; punching and knocking us out senseless. He lied to my face that he hadn’t been having sex with me.

I hated him; the dirty lying bastard!

Thankfully, someone had the good sense to call in the police as the noise my mother made alerted everyone who had ears.

The police upon hearing our story immediately arrested Alfa and asked that mother and I follow them to the station for our statements.  They called me a ‘minor’ and lashed out at the Alfa for taking advantage of me. After I wrote down my statement, a female police officer was detailed to take me to the Lagos state Teaching Hospital, Ikeja for examination; my mother followed us, still wailing uncontrollably.

It’s been two days now. My mother is still with me. She tells me our case is going to court and that I may have to testify against the Alfa.

“Will I be made to repeat my story, again?” I asked my mother.

“Yes, you have to repeat it, that demon must go to jail for what he did to you.”

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