Osun Rerun: Adeleke Campaign Organisation Rejects Results

Osun Rerun: Adeleke Campaign Organisation Rejects Results

The Adeleke Campaign Organisation has rejected the result of the Osun Rerun election, tagging it “violent sham operation”.

A statement was released to that effect and it goes: “We report to the whole world the brazen theft and daylight swindling of Osun people who were criminally denied their rights to vote and be voted for by an anti-people conspiracy among INEC, security agencies and the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC).

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“An unprecedented travesty of justice and shattering democratic values are ongoing in Osun State.

“The whole world is witnessing a charade in the name of an election, a deliberate effort at the imposition of a discredited leadership on the suffering people of Osun state through undisguised brutal force.

“Applying all standards, today’s supplementary poll is a non-event as all norms of the electoral process are violated.

“Voters are deliberately refused access to polling points at gun points. Those allowed to voting centres are forced to vote for APC.

“PDP party agents are arrested, beaten up and shut out of polling centres. PDP agents are barred from many units. Roads are blocked to stop voters and observers.

“Journalists and election monitors are blocked from accessing many voting areas. Those who attempted gaining access are attacked by hooded thugs.

“PDP leaders are hounded and arrested. It was a brutal unleashing of force against unarmed election stakeholders.

“We report to the whole world that in Osun today no supplementary poll took place. It was all violence and undisguised breaching of all electoral rules.

“The APC is pushing violently to steal people’s mandate freely given by the oppressed people of Osun state.

“We condemn this charade; we reject this violent operation called an election. We dissociate ourselves from this brazen shame and sham election.

“We stand on the mandate freely given to Ademola Adeleke. We will uphold the people’s mandate through all legal means. We will not succumb to fascist agents hell-bent on plunging the state into chaos.

“We call on the international community to monitor happenings in Osun state. A major political tragedy is underway with huge consequence for the nation”.


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