Pastor Bimbo and Steven Spielberg’s “The Bridge of Spies” – Toni Kan

Pastor Bimbo and Steven Spielberg’s “The Bridge of Spies” – Toni Kan

10 years ago, yesterday, Mrs. Bimbo Rosemary Odukoya nee Williams died in a Sosoliso plane crash at the Port Harcourt airport.

(Read my obituary here)

Known the world over as Pastor Bimbo or just plain Pastor Bims, she was a powerful woman of God, a wife, mother, mentor, singer, prolific author and encourager.

Her death shook people but as her husband, Pastor Taiwo, wrote a while back, “Pastor Bimbo found and fulfilled her purpose. Have you found yours?”


That question tugged at my heart as I watched Steven Spielberg’s latest collaboration with Tom Hanks, The Bridge of Spies which is at once the biography of one man, Donovan, a middle aged insurance lawyer who is picked by the US government to defend a Russian spy as well as a sweeping history of the world at a particular historical epoch.

In carrying out his duties as defense attorney Donovan steps on powerful toes and puts his family in harm’s way.

But driven by his convictions, Donovan manages to save Rudolph Abel from the electric chair.

Virtue is its own reward in this riveting movie. In pleading for Abel’s life, Donovan tells the judge that a day might come when America could use Abel as a bargaining chip and that is what happens subsequently.

The movie is biographical but in telling the story of Donovan, Spielberg, who is often fascinated by history – Saving Private Ryan, Schindler’s list, Berlin – turns the movie into a diatribe and treatise on war and power relations.

The Bridge of Spies becomes a cold war primer capturing the angst and anxiety of post war Germany and the dawn of the Cold war.

Well past 40, Donovan who had made a name as a respected Insurance lawyer becomes a US negotiator managing to effect the release of over 9,700 men, women and children

He found his purpose and made a difference and today Spielberg has etched his name in history.

On Sunday, a biography of Pastor Bimbo Odukoya will be launched and it will signify one more step in keeping her memory alive, forever.


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