March 22, 2019

Pastor Joshua Iginla: Journalist reveals how ex-wife, Yemisi tried to poison pastor

Pastor Joshua Iginla: Journalist reveals how ex-wife, Yemisi tried to poison pastor

A journalist, identified as Tosin Osho has revealed that Pastor Joshua Iginla’s ex-wife, Yemisi tried to poison him when they were married.

The couple have been exposing the respective skeletons in their cupboard. More onus from the crumbled marriage has unraveled in recent weeks.

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Read the full story below;


“I decided to unravel the truth after five years of painstaking understudy of the whole drama as an insider.The genesis of the breakup was when Pro Joshua Iginla stumbled on pictures and erotic messages between his beautiful wife and visiting pastors on her phone while she was having her bath.The sordid details revealed that Pastor Yemisi has been sneaking out after church services to be seeing different men at secret locations withing Kubwa, Abuja.

This explains why she doesn’t wait for her hubby after service and doesn’t have time to cook for him even when he comes home late in the night around 10/11 pm.

That rude discovery led to confrontation and revelations. That discovery led to the opening of the wound inflicted on the marriage from inception. Before marriage, Pro Iginla informed her that his genotype was AS and she said her own too is AA. Based on trust, they went ahead with the relationship (most of the pastors in the church are aware of this).

The shocker was when their first child was born and they discovered she was SS.She opened up and said out of fear she had to lie. They settled the Issue amicably and life goes on.


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The phone leakage led to the hubby’s investigation and the DNA result revealed that he was not the father of some of the three kids they have( I have to keep the secret of the identity of the kids involved for now but of a truth DNA was conducted secretly and Iginla refused to release it because of the kids).

When confronted with these facts, all hell was let loose. It’s on record that at a point prophet Iginla was poisoned which he testified about it during his birthday celebration years ago but what he kept out was that the wife was fingered as the brain behind it.

Family members were invited and the truth revealed about her alleged waywardness and Prophet Iginla pointed out that he can’t trust her again but the only Condition for him not to divorce her was to agree never to object to him having his own kids who will be his flesh with another woman and she agreed. That was why she could not say anything when prophetess Stella was pregnant for Pro Iginla four years ago.That was just the beginning of the whole saga as she made life unbearable for him.”

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