Paul Pogba should be ashamed of himself (Gq-magazine)

Paul Pogba should be ashamed of himself (Gq-magazine)

There would have been a moment – maybe just seconds or minutes – when Paul Pogba feared for his season on 29 September after limping off with a hamstring injury against Basel in the Champions League. A fleeting flash of panic when the 24-year-old would have realised how quickly his career could fade to black. All it takes is one overstretched interception, wrong turn or misjudged tackle for everything to change. Just ask Benjamin Mendy.

Mystifying then, that a player who’s recently suffered the agony and torment of long-term injury, would wish the same on fellow professionals. The Manchester United midfielder, speaking on BBC’s Football Focus, was asked about Manchester City’s great start to the season and said: “I hope – and it’s bad to say things like this – but fortunately for us I hope they will get some very important players injured like what happened with us.” Read more

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