May 24, 2018

PDP going the APC way – Niran Adedokun

PDP going the APC way – Niran Adedokun

Maybe it’s just me but there is a sense of déjà vu  about the way the Peoples Democratic Party is carrying on.

In the aftermatah of the recent Supreme Court judgment that retuned the PDP leadership to the Senator Ahmed Markafi faction of the party, there has been renewed ebullience which makes one feel like a fresh new party has been born.

The executive and members of the party have not stopped promising that they will take over power from the ruling All Progressive Congress in 2019.

Each time I hear that, it reminds me of the way the APC went about after its registration in 2013. All that seemed to matter was winning the 2015 general elections and we had no peace about how they would win until it eventually happened when the APC won the presidential elections.

Not that there is anything particularly wrong with aspirations to win elections but as it was with the APC and with the PDP now, this should not be the main talking point for a political party still trying to find its feet.

In the case of the PDP, the bitter internal way they have fought for the past two years is still on and I wonder why instead of dealing with these issues and ensuring that they have a solid foundation, PDP will not let us rest about 2019.

The danger in this kind of distraction is that they will be too busy chasing the shadows of winning elections that attention would not even be paid to planning what to do with power if it eventually falls into their hands. Is that not our experience with the APC?

And then this last week, chair of the non-elective convention of the PDP, which held yesterday in Abuja, said something about high profile defectors coming into their party soon. I pinched myself to be sure we were not back in 2014 when the APC kept telling us that virtually all PDP governors were going to defect and join the new party.

Well, some of them eventually defected to the eternal regret of the PDP but truth be told, neither the APC or Nigeria, which its leaders pledged to serve, have concrete benefits from the defection except that the party won the elections. If anything that singular act of admitting people without discretion, is instrumental to the divided house that is the APC.

There is nothing wrong with people defecting but when a party welcomes every Tom, Dick and Harry who seems to have a measure of political capital and can deliver on elections, without any due diligence on the motive behind the defector’s move from his party, disasters looms ahead for that party. That is currently the story of the APC – strange bedfellows coming together to win elections becoming strangers in the battle for the spoil of the war they fought.

This is the same place I see the PDP heading. Okowa was quoted as saying: “From the way things are in this country, I believe Nigerians will realise that PDP is the only alternative that can bring Nigeria out of her present economic challenges. We are expecting some high profile defectors in the next three weeks.”

How does a party even welcome defectors, a word with synonyms like traitors, turncoats, renegades and so on? Does it not occur to these parties that he who defects has some ulterior motives, that he isn’t just defecting for the love of God and he will defect again if things don’t work his way? That is if he does not instigate strife in the party.

People driven by ambition will do anything in Nigerian politics and all parties should ordinarily beware of defectors.

But the PDP is now too determined to win in 2019 to bother with digging into the intentions of the “defectors” until they admit them and they come back to unsettle the party because of clash of interests ed to win in 2019 to dig into the intentions of the “defectors” until they admit them and they come back to unsettle the party because of clash of interests and ambitions.

This crop of politicians just seem to be power crazy. In Nigeria it is not so much about the people but clinching power.

If the people were in consideration, what the PDP should be doing now is building a strong party which is committed to well spelt out programmes aimed at turning the country around. But it looks like doing that will be Un-Nigerian.

The thing tire me!

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