The PDP is still our best shot – Niran Adedokun

The PDP is still our best shot – Niran Adedokun

I am actually laughing out loud as I contemplate this caption.

My mirth comes from the mischievous intent to bait and get a lot of us seething with anger at the suggestion that the Peoples’ Democratic Party (PDP) is the way out for us. Remember that the party, which governed Nigeria for a consecutive 16 years before it was booted out last year has been sold as the worst thing that happened to the world after Lucifer was thrown down from heaven. I read during the week that the Majority Leader at the House of Representatives, Hon Femi Gbajabiamila recently informed his constituents that the government led by President Goodluck Jonathan holds the world record for corruption.


So how dare anyone suggest hope lies in such a felonious gang even though we cannot deny that the party laid a solid foundation for the government of the day to build in so many areas?
I even read somewhere that this administration is re-considering contracting the surveillance of the pipelines to militants after we have lost an estimated N7b daily for months due to vandalism. I know that one should not believe everything one read, but if this is true, it seems the government has started to see some wisdom in the fact that no one can protect your treasure from a thief better than the thief himself.

Such native insights would keep us from a lot of error until we can bring sanity into the way we do things in that sector through proper deregulation. But pardon me for the digression.

So I do not mean that the PDP is the best party to rule Nigeria. Naah. We are only just starting the journey with a new party and I think APC was supposed to bring a breath of fresh air after 16 years of the PDP (except that after one year, the air has somewhat become fouler). This party still has some 30 months to prove itself after which Nigerians will decide what to do in 2019.

I hope (not pray, mind you) that Nigerians will get more progressively politically savvy in the years to come. But I digress again.

Okay so my point is that we need a virile opposition in Nigeria and the best positioned party is the PDP. Now that the Olisa Metuhs and Femi Fani Kayodes of the country are either battling with court cases or locked up in jail while investigation is ongoing, isn’t government just having a jolly ride over us all?
Someone will say that Governor Ayodele Fayose is filling the space of the opposition spokes person and that would not be incorrect except that Fayose’s interventions are usually emotive, lacking in structure, finesse and the mandate of an official spokesperson. Thank God for the other lone voice of Alhaji Balarable Musa, lifelong friend of the common man. Did you hear any noteworthy politician express an opinion contrary to that of the government on the recent increase in the price of petrol? And before then, people like Professors Pat Utomi, Dr Oby Ezekwesili and Mr Femi Falana, when they raised their voices got shouted down by allegations of hurting from not having the patronage of the government of the day. That is the way things are in Nigeria. But, this is the way things should not be in a democracy; hence we need a virile opposition voice at this moment.
The idea that a new party would come out of somewhere and pick that slot also appears like a pipe dream. Taking a lesson from the divided house that the ruling All Progressive Congress (APC) became since shortly after it won the elections, it will take a new party considerable time to aggregate interests and be able to speak together on behalf of Nigerians and putting government on its toes as we need to.
But the PDP is already a formidable party in spite of all its shortcomings and can pose a virile challenge to APC if leaders of the party would, for once, put national interest ahead of their pockets and egos and resolve the differences tearing the party apart.
I agree that Nigeria needs an alternative to those two monster associations’ called APC and PDP. But Nigeria is now in urgent needs of an opposition party and the PDP should shed the shenanigans and do the people good.

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