Some people are medically selfish o – Emeka Nwolisa

Some people are medically selfish o – Emeka Nwolisa

I  have heard of writer’s block but then I no be writer so wetin concern me.

After all wetin concern fish and raincoat or agbero witn overload.

But this week, Doctor Know does not know what to write about. But something must be written o.

That’s how some funny thoughts began flooding in…that is big time oh.  E get as  the thing be but some people are really interestingly selfish...this selfishness actually can be felt and does affect even generations yet unborn.

Ok, check these cases  and let’s have your take on them. How can a gentleman who is six feet tall marry a lady who is also nearly six feet? It is selfishness. He should have  married  a short lady and with his genetic advantage, they will produce children who will reduce the statistics of vertically challenged Nigerians!

A guy’s genotype is AA and instead of falling in love with a lady who is AS or SS, he goes ahead to marry one who is AA. That is arrant waste of genetic advantage. They would produce children who are all AA. In terms of demographic indices  and the fight to reduce the prevalence  and burden of sickle cell anaemia, who has he helped?

An orobo man goes ahead and marries a Orobo lady and the result is  oroborised children. Hia,  in spite of all the available the lepa sisters  around, the man has just increased the  population of Nigerian children at risk for obesity, diabetes, heart diseases and other chronic weight induced diseases.

What of the alanga okporoko bros who goes ahead to marry a lepa sister.

Lots  of  this kind of combinations have  produced children looking  so  thin  that the improving economic statistics churned out by government appear to exist only on  paper.

Another  yellow pepper bro would instead of marrying one charcoal black babe will go and get hitched with a yellow pepper sister. Outcome… yellow pepper children.

Meanwhile if the bro had done the needful, the children would have at least hovered around the combination of yellow pepper and charcoal black. There would be no  totally charcoal black one. Black is awesomely beautiful  but  some people do not totally agree and would go skin bleaching. Resultant effect is the classical syndrome of  fanta face and cocacola hands and feet. Not to talk about the risk of skin burns, allergic reactions and even skin cancer.

The gene for intelligence is said to reside in the X chromosome. Males are XY and females are XX. So, all superbly intelligent males  should twaale for their mothers because they got it from the X chromosome contributed by their mother.  And females who have superbly intelligent fathers  have a potential of superb intelligence  from the X from their father and the one from their mother and can  become world beaters.

Knowing this , why  in heaven’s name  would  a superbly intelligent man marry a superbly intelligent female. Why, why, why….it is selfish.  The  lady should ideally  marry a dull man and help reduce the statistics of dull male children.

Now, you would soon tell me that one is not in control of who one falls in love it. Forget that thing. It was in the past that love was blind. Now love has good vision enhanced by prescription glasses and even contact lenses.

Today, Doctor Know ranted…sorry na writer’s block.  But then  some people selfish truly.

Laugh if you want but no be laughing matter oh.

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