Peruvian Man Discovers Wife’s Infidelity On Google Street View App

Peruvian Man Discovers Wife’s Infidelity On Google Street View App


Technology is great for a whole lot of things and finding out stuff is one such benefit. Innovations like OK Google, Siri, and other AI tools have added much needed convenience to everyday life but it’s a double edged sword too. Sometimes, you find things you’d rather not, ask the Peruvian man who caught his wife cheating through the Google street view app.

According to his account, he was using the Google street view app to plan the best route to a popular bridge in Lima when he spotted someone who looked familiar seating on a bench with a man who had his head on her lap. Her face was obscured so he couldn’t quite make out her identity though he had strong suspicions the person was his wife.

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The photo was taken way back in 2013.

He confronted his wife with the picture he found on the app and after arguments, she admitted she was the woman. They divorced as a result of her past infidelity.

Sometimes, you find your way, other times, you find an affair.

What a world! In this age, it’s best to keep your indiscretions off the bench or anywhere else that an app can find. Or better still, be the image of discretion all the time.


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