Phillip Launches Lumify, Cloud-based Ultrasound Technology in Lagos

Phillip Launches Lumify, Cloud-based Ultrasound Technology in Lagos


Philip recently launched Lumify, to improve service delivery and healthcare affordability in Nigeria. It’s an innovation that’s being lauded as revolutionary for Nigerian healthcare sector.

Lumify will introduce high imaging functionality to aid more conclusive diagnosis from medical procedures by professionals.

The Dutch multinational company started out making light bulbs and went on to become the largest electronic conglomerate in the world at a time. It’s unsurprising that it continues to light up the path in new sectors and countries where it operates.

What is Lumify?

Lumify is a portable cloud-based ultrasound system that is designed for emergency departments and urgent care centers as well as other clinical settings. It operates from a compatible smart device connected to a dedicated ultrasound transducer.

Phillip will offer support training and IT services to users of Lumify and users can patch into the service via an online portal where they can manage their devices. ‘Our Lumify ultrasound is designed to drive transformation in care delivery and digital health, CEO of Phillips Africa, Jasper Westerlink said.

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According to the Centre Manager, BT Health and Diagnostic Centre, Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, Dr. Wale Olusanya, ‘the versatility, portability and safety of point of care of ultrasound have made it one of the most widely used first-line diagnostic tools.’


He added: ‘In a resource-constrained environment, Lumify can strengthen referral pathways affording quick diagnosis in emergency departments in major towns, or with time, even in more remote areas improving patient outcomes.’

Good news indeed for the medical community and a growing number of the indigenous patient population  in Africa’s Most populated country.




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