May 24, 2018

Pillow talk can save your relationship, here’s how

Pillow talk can save your relationship, here’s how

GOOD NEWS, GENTS: Pillow talk doesn’t have to be just erotic pre- and post-sex whispers with your special lady friend.

And as it turns out, any uplifting conversation will not only strengthen your relationship—it’ll also help your body dodge age-related disease spurred by anxiety, a lack of sleep, and inactivity, as well as set you up for a more restful night’s sleep and less stress overall.
In a new study out of Washington’s Gonzaga University, researchers analyzed the relationships of 162 post-9/11 military couples living in Oregon—men and women who, as you might imagine, face daily psychological and physiological obstacles—to gauge loneliness, intimacy, sleep quality, and responsiveness to good news.

Ultimately, they discovered that when couples shared not just big news (like a job promotion), but also small, seemingly inconsequential, positive moments from their day (like a mind-blowing Monte Cristo sandwich they’d enjoyed together), they felt closer to each other and more supported. Read more 

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