March 18, 2019

Player’s Diary 4 – Kingsley Alaribe

Player’s Diary 4 – Kingsley Alaribe

“Don’t go thinking I’m that easy, you can’t take me in with you,” the player in me said. That was my first remark as soon as I pulled up by Eloke’s house. Dinner had been spectacular at Jade’s Garden, now all I had was this desperate, tentative moment to score my desire.

“What if I asked nicely?” she said with a sweet smile.

Now make no mistake about it, she didn’t plan ahead of time to spend the night with me. Her fantasies, if there were any, ended at having a quality time dining with me. But something always gives and now she finds herself playing along with my rhythm. I leaned close to her as if I was about to say something touching, “If you ask nicely, then, maybe I‘ll file your request for consideration.”

She was still smiling, “Ronny, you’re a jerk.”

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“I know . . .” Then I turned serious. “I’ll take a glass of water.”

Here are two things you might want to note carefully: Through poking fun at her, I gained an invitation where she hadn’t actually offered one yet; then I settled for a glass of water because I can’t risk mentioning something she doesn’t have. Like I’ve always said, plan ahead. You never leave it to chance.

Now I’m going to run through this very fast: she offered me a glass of water and asked if I wanted to see some pictures. She had a piano in her living room which I was only too happy to try my hands on and serenaded her for a few minutes. When I was done she rubbed my head and I shot back, “Stop flirting with me.” It got her smiling again. Then she walked me half way to the door before I stopped abruptly and offered the killer line I had prepared for this exact moment, “This may be the last time you ever set your eyes on me. It depends on you.”

Worry shone lucidly on her face as she wondered in utter confusion where that was coming from and where I was headed with it.

I went on, “If this turns out differently, then you’ll probably have me around for a really long time. Maybe as long as we both can live. But that would also mean I never went in for surgery; that you never broke my jaw after I kissed you.”


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I moved in immediately and kissed her. Did she kiss back? Not at first. Then she overcame the shock, overcame the surprise, and finally kissed back. If you think I’ve had her here, you’re wrong. She’d be processing the words I said. The only way to deal with that would be to say more words and make it too many to process at a go. So I stopped abruptly. “I’m a jerk. More than half the time, I’m an arrogant idiot. I say a lot of things I don’t mean. But it’s only because I feel a need to protect myself from emotions I don’t fully comprehend. I can’t protect myself from you. It’s too hard. You’re different to me, you’re special. You have conquered me.”

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Eloke’s mind at this point was deluged with thoughts. That was the idea, like blowing a cosmic powder in her face and making her mind fuzzy.

Before she said a word, I went at her lips again and kissed them as if my life would end without them. now she was kissing me back, pulling me hard on to herself, moaning as the spark grew into an inferno. There was no question about it, we were going to go all the way. I had conquered her.

Only one thing did not fit with my perfect picture: I had a nagging feeling someone was watching.

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