June 21, 2018

Police avert crisis in Kaduna, city peaceful (Vanguard)

Police avert crisis in Kaduna, city peaceful (Vanguard)

The proactive move by the Kaduna state commissioner of police, Agyole Abeh to patrol the streets of Kaduna with some Igbo traders on Thursday and Friday calmed nerves as tension mounted in the city over possible reprisal attacks on Igbos in the city following alleged attacks on Northerners in the state.
The commissioner of police who had earlier met with the president General of the Igbo Community assured all residents of the state that the police were ready to protect them and their properties. The commissioner who was joined by his deputy as well as his assistant commissioners addressed Igbo traders at Ori Apata after patrolling Katsina and Ahmadu   Bello way where he noted with satisfaction that shops owned by Igbo traders were open, contrary to reports on the social media that the Igbos did not open their shops. Read more

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