Police hunting two ‘witches’ after woman is boiled in a cauldron (DailyMail)

Police hunting two ‘witches’ after woman is boiled in a cauldron (DailyMail)

An 18-year-old woman suffered serious injuries after allegedly being dropped into a witch’s cauldron of boiling water during a carnival in southwest Germany.

The teenager was badly scalded on her feet and calves after the incident in Eppingen, Baden Württemberg, over the weekend.

Police are looking for two people dressed in witches costumes who reportedly fled the scene.

The cauldron had been placed on a carnival cart, which was being pulled along by several people dressed up in witch costumes.

Police in Eppingen are now looking for two people dressed like witches who reportedly disappeared after the incident (stock image)
Photo: AFP/Getty Images

Local media reports that the girl’s friends had ‘handed her over’ to two of the people dressed up as a joke, who carried her to the cart.

One of the ‘witches’ is said to have held her over the cauldron while another lifted the lid.

This was reportedly done to mimic the scene told in fairy-tales and legends where witches would boil their victims alive. Read more

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