Popular Twitter User gets Married

Popular Twitter User gets Married

A twitter user Temitope Fatimah popularly known as Shurri Baby on her social media account tied the knot the yesterday, September 29 which came as a shocker for several for her followers.

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Shurri’s traditional wedding came as a surprise to several of her followers on the internet because she is prominent for bashing men and her feminism perspective. She has claimed to be a staunch follower of popular writer Chimamanda Adichie who is the spear header of the feminist movement in Nigeria.

You can see some of her popular tweets below:

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This explains that the expression of people on the internet does not necessarily define or describe their life in reality. Are followers are quite disappointed because it is seen as a double standard. You can also check out Fatimah’s blog for further information about her protest for equality and agitation against misogyny.

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