May 21, 2018

Saudi preacher shot in Philippines

Saudi preacher shot in Philippines

An influential Saudi Arabian preacher was shot and wounded in a southern Philippine city on Tuesday, police said, adding that security forces had killed the gunman.

Sheikh Aaidh al-Qarni was in hospital following the shooting in Zamboanga city but did not have life-threatening injuries, local police spokeswoman Senior Inspector Helen Galvez said. “He is out of danger,” Galvez told AFP by phone.

A police report said that Qarni was shot in the right shoulder, left arm and chest while his companion, a Saudi embassy attaché, was wounded in his right thigh and left leg.  However, a Saudi embassy statement later said none of Qarni’s companions were wounded.

The police said Qarni had just delivered a university lecture when a man came out of the crowd and opened fire with a .45 calibre pistol. Police acting as security escorts shot the attacker dead. “We pinned down the gunman. He’s dead,” Galvez said. Read more

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