My presidential ambition, a joke –Igwe 2pac (Punch)

My presidential ambition, a joke –Igwe 2pac (Punch)

Actor Charles Okocha, popularly known as Igwe 2pac, took a lot of people by surprise during the week when he declared via a video recording that he would be contesting the highest office in the land, the Presidency. His fans thought that he had keyed into the ‘Not-Too-Young-to-Run’ movement and expressed their support for him.

However, in a chat with Sunday Scoop, Okocha stated that his action was meant to gauge the reaction of the people. He said, “I was just kidding around with the video skit when I said I wanted to become the president and that I would lead with swag. I actually have no intention to become president, at least for now. There were a lot of interesting reactions when the video was released and I’m still observing what people are saying about it. If a lot of people call on me to run for president, then I would have no choice but to do that.” Read more

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