Prophets who claimed Nigeria would break up (Punch)

Prophets who claimed Nigeria would break up (Punch)

It was in 2012 that the founder and General Overseer of Kings in Christ International Ministries, Reverend Anthony Chidi, had declared that three years from that time, there would be no country called Nigeria.

The worshippers panicked. Prophecy enthusiasts religiously kept the date. After all, there was no reason to doubt that God himself spoke through His servant.

The clergyman was specific: Nigeria wouldn’t only cease to exist by that year but also split into three.

“I see Nigeria splitting into three countries, the way things are going, unless this trend is arrested or God intervenes, within the space of two, three years Nigeria will split. If you are saying that this is the North’s agenda, I am not even surprised. I am not saying this based on what America said, but what God has showed me, and if we don’t come together to seek His face, this country will split before 2015,” he said.

Indeed, Nigeria tottered on dangerous paths during the period but weathered the storm.

The founder of Divine Seed of God Chapel in Ibadan, Oyo State, Prophet Wale Olagunju, was not left out of the breakup prophecies about Nigeria. Read more

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