5 signs that you may need a prostate test

5 signs that you may need a prostate test

Though you may visit your primary care physician, dentist, and other various doctors at least once a year to ensure that your health is up to par, there may be one exam you’re missing off of your yearly checklist. While you may eat plenty of fruits and vegetables, exercise more than occasionally, and feel like you’re in perfect health, you shouldn’t necessarily wait for any signs or symptoms of prostate cancer to go ahead and get a prostate exam — in fact, you should consider getting your prostate checked every four years once you hit your 50s.

While you may expect to have certain signs or general discomfort in your prostate area to signify any possible issues, this is not always the case; in fact, Prostate Cancer InfoLink suggests that it can be very difficult for the patient himself to detect prostate cancer in its early stages because there are often no signs or symptoms. By the time you start experiencing symptoms of prostate cancer, you may already be in a later stage, so it’s important to detect any issues as early as possible. While seeing a doctor for initial detection of any prostate-related health issues is the best way to detect the disease early, here are five more signs that it may be time for you to get a prostate exam. Read more

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