Apple has been accused of theft by world’s largest chip maker, Qualcomm. There have been corporate issues between both tech giants for a while now. In the latest development, matters have become escalated with Qualcomm accusing Apple of stealing their wireless technology and intellectual property for several years.

Their greater angst with the situation is the belief that Apple is sharing the stolen technology with rival, Intel, in a bid to break its dependence on Qualcomm.

Qualcomm produces one of the best and fastest chips in the world. In contrast to this, Intel produces modems with very low speed. For this Apple has remained highly dependent on Qualcomm.

This lawsuit has escalated the long legal battle which has been ongoing for almost two years. At this point, it is clear that the days when they had a good relationship and mutual respect for each other is far gone.

Apple on the other hand has also accused Qualcomm of taking advantage its dominant position as the world’s leading chipmaker to demand outrageous prices.

Qualcomm’s publication was detailed thus: “On information and belief, Apple developed and carried out an intricate plan, beginning at least several years ago and continuing through the present, to steal vast swaths of Qualcomm’s confidential information and trade secrets and to use the information and technology to improve the performance of non-Qualcomm chipset solutions and, in conjunction, the performance of iPhones based on such non-Qualcomm chipset solutions.”

All this began with about a decade ago when Apple and Qualcomm struck a major deal in 2009 which gave Apple access to Qualcomm’s confidential information. Now, Apple has aroused the anger and wrath of Qualcomm by making its own chips, the A11 Bionic and A12 Bionic and dumping Qualcomm altogether.

The situation continues develop.

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