May 26, 2018

QUICKIE IN THE LOO (2) by Oshoko Bushushu

QUICKIE IN THE LOO (2) by Oshoko Bushushu

We froze when we heard the knock, but then regaining my composure I knocked back, the universal answer that said: “It’s occupied.”

I turned her around and lifted her skirt. Her bum was bare but her waist was ringed by waist beads.waist beads

I stroked her bum with my left hand while I reached into my back for my wallet. I retrieved a condom, bit off an edge then did the needful.

She was dripping wet when I entered from behind. The interruption, it seemed, instead of dulling her ardour had turned her on some more. I knew freaks like that. They were the kind of babes who didn’t mind being watched.

Her soft moan was pleasure to my ears as I dug in and out, rotating my pelvis. My right hand held her around the waist while the left palm covered her mouth to still her moans.

We went on for about five minutes and by now, she had placed both palms against the flat board of the door, and I was working her from behind like I was Elvis the Pelvis.

Then, suddenly and without warning, she arced her bum and I felt my load shooting into my condom in quick spurts.

I kissed her when it was all done and then I zipped up my fly and pulled open the door.

As I motioned for her to come out a guy stepped in and made to reach for the knob.

“Hold on bro,” I said. “It’s stinking in there.”

He gave me a drunken stare then tried the next knob. I pulled mine open as he stepped into the next cubicle and ushered her out.

Boye had a smile on her face as she stepped out.

“You are dripping wet with sweat,” she said running a finger over my forehead as she turned the knob on the door marked ‘Ladies.’

I wiped my face as I stepped back in to dispose of my rubber, then I washed my hands and walked back to my guys.

“Has someone been bushushu’d?” Dapo asked from the side of his mouth.

“Oh no. Long queue. They should build more urinals,” I said as I reached for my glass.

Boye was all business-like as she came out to join us.

“We need to run guys. It was nice hanging out,” she said picking up her bag.

I looked at her but her face was a blank. Nothing that said let’s do this again. It was done. Finished. I had performed a service. No more.

“See you around,” I said as I raised my glass to my lips.

“Oya, tell us. What happened?” Dapo, ever the curious monkey asked.

“What? I told you there was a long queue,” I said.

“Long queue my yansh. On a Sunday? Talk joo,” Ikem said.

So, I smiled and cleared my throat.


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  1. Ekaette

    Bad boy!! I cant believe i sat down and did an all nighter readling all your articles…… Kudos to u bushushu – I still love u! 🙂


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