September 25, 2018

Raised to the power of YOU: A review of Yaw Live on Stage by Jite Efemuaye

Raised to the power of YOU: A review of Yaw Live on Stage by Jite Efemuaye

Okey Bakassi is funny. Yaw is funny. The both of them sharing one stage should be funny raised to the power of two. Somehow, it was raised to the power of YOU.

YOU, a two-man satire directed by Emma Uduma and performed by the two funny men alongside Segun Adefila’s Crown Troupe of Africa satirized past and present presidents; events that made the headlines in the past few years, some sad, some alarming, but mostly hilarious; and delivered a message for the future.

Yaw & Okay Bakasi Perfoming On Stage (12)


The play borrowed some of its lines from words of prominent Nigerians from Patience Jonathan’s ‘There is God o’ to the more recent ‘I am for nobody and I am for everybody’. Scenarios only Nigerians will understand were also played out, like Yaw using a torch light to look for an elusive certificate and Okey Bakassi fainting at the fact that the missing twenty billion was not in naira but in dollars.

YOU was a combination of many small skits flowing into one another to tell the stories that Nigerians have had to live for the past few years: political, social, economical and religious.


There was a synergy between Okey Bakassi and Yaw that made it seem at some points like there was no script, their lines were delivered with so much ease.

Yaw & Okay Bakasi Perfoming On Stage (16)

While Okey Bakassi tried to get into character, changing his walk, posture and accent, Yaw was Yaw throughout; costume changes notwithstanding. Even though it did not affect his acting in any way, it would have been nice for him to make an effort. Crown Troupe of Africa did what they do best: singing, dancing and providing background for the different scenes; I daresay nobody could have done it better.

Yaw & Okay Bakasi Perfoming On Stage (17)

When the laughs were done and the tears were shed, it boiled down to one statement: “It is only when you can change you that you can change the world.”


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