March 22, 2019

‘Rape should be legal’- Man narrates its benefits

‘Rape should be legal’- Man narrates its benefits

A Facebook user identified as Lucc Capalot has taken to his personal account to narrate the reasons why rape should be legalized across the world.

According to him, rape is essential because every man deserves to experience sex. Capalot interestingly stated that not every man has the capability to woo a lady, hence they have to do it through coercion.

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Lucc Capalot wrote:

“I feel like rape should be legal 100. It’s not fair. Everybody should be able to have the chance to experience sex. Not every man can find a woman so some resort to rape which is 100% fair. If a man wants to rape a woman then why not? Why can’t he experience sex??? Explain.”

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The heinous post received comments from other men who agreed with Lucc’s statement.

One said: “Straight facts brody.”

Another suggested that the poster should contest for the position of the president of the United States because of his post.

He wrote: “Lucc Capalot 2020 #potus.”

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