May 24, 2018

Rapunzel syndrome: Doctors remove giant hairball from teenager’s stomach

Rapunzel syndrome: Doctors remove giant hairball from teenager’s stomach

Doctors have pulled out a giant hairball from the stomach of a 16-year-old girl from Srinagar, India. The teenager who claimed she was unable to eat, was diagnosed wit Rapunzel syndrome. The doctors at SMHS hospital discovered she had been eating her hair and even her friends hair for the past six years which had accumulated in her stomach and intestines.

According to DailyMail, lead surgeon Dr Iqbal Saleem said: ‘She has been addicted to hair eating from last six years. ‘We found that the frontal hair of the girl was irregular, suggesting the possibility of hair pulling.

‘This girl is suffering from Rapunzel syndrome, a rare condition in which a tail-like extension of hairball is found in the stomach. ‘The addiction of eating hair has resulted in many episodes of vomiting.

‘The girl wasn’t able to eat properly. The girl had maintained a habit of holding her hair in the mouth and plucking hair off other people.’

Dr Saleem added that because it is a psychological disorder, the girl would be given psychiatric treatment to help her. The condition tends to be found in young people who are emotionally disturbed, experts say. Doctors say there are less than 130 cases reported in medical literature, with almost all of them being young women. Hairballs increase in size over time because hair isn’t absorbed by the body, with larger ones often causing pain.


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