RaréTV releases Jaiye Kuti ‘Omolakeji Part 2’

RaréTV releases Jaiye Kuti ‘Omolakeji Part 2’

RaréTV has released a new film by Jaiye Kuti titled ‘Omolakeji Part 2’. Now showing on RaréTV’s YouTube channel, the movie, which features Aremu Afolaya, Kelvin IIkeduba,Taiwo Ibikunle, Liz Da Silva, Sola Kareem and Jaiye Kuti treats the theme of multi – level conspiracy and serial murder to achieve the single aim of ownership.

After his father’s death, Bode (Aremu Afolayan) the heir apparent to the Lewis estate narrowly misses death from a gunshot attack. He is eventually saved by his look alike Adio (also Aremu Afolayan) for a N20 million reward all arranged by his body gaurd Odutola (Kelvin Ikeduba). But the game changes when Bode and Adio realise that they are cousins and that is when real conspirators are unveiled.

A statement from the producers said the plot and handling exhibit a mastery of the story craft from the writer cum director, Samson Oluwale, while it can be comfortably said that Omolakeji combines strong acting with exquisite production design to communicate affluence while mixing sublime comedy to douse and heighten dramatic tension alternatively.

Categorically speaking, Omolakeji leaves the audience with the “oh really?” expression as each revelation unfolds.

Watch the movie below:

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