March 18, 2019

Really, Uber drivers are stealing from riders in Lagos – Ella Temisan

Really, Uber drivers are stealing from riders in Lagos  – Ella Temisan

Cab drivers (I mean those who drive Uber) are having a field day with the Lockito app, an app they use to mess with the GPS so that riders can pay more.

I had heard about the new trick from a Twitter user a while ago but it never really occurred to me to scrutinize the cost of my rides. I never really bothered my head because my rides were mostly within the estimate Uber gave me.

But it seems these past weeks was my turn to be scammed by these devilish drivers. I had a series of running around to do and quite frankly, I couldn’t be bothered jumping bus going by the chaotic traffic situation in the past few weeks.

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In Lagos, you must pick one struggle and stick with it, else you will die, so I decided that I will not die because of Danfo buses.

It was then that I began to notice the discrepancies on my cab fare from the estimate Uber gave me and what I actually got from the drivers themselves at the end of every trip.

There was a surge one weekend, but it was late and I needed to go somewhere. The app gave me an estimate and since I had no option, I shrugged and called the cab. When I got to my destination my fare was 7,050.

Can you imagine that the ride started from Ikoyi and terminated somewhere around the second toll gate (if you know Lagos very well, you will know that this distance is not that much)

Even if I used Uber from Ikoyi to Ketu, it wouldn’t amount to N7,000

I studied the receipt that Uber sent me. Apparently, I had been everywhere. I got toll fare for Malls I didn’t go to, and even the second toll gate that doesn’t have a toll gate had a toll charge.

So I reported and Uber refunded me N4,900 back, that is almost N5,000 a driver wanted to steal from me.

Yes, it is stealing, you know, as in taking another person’s property by force or without permission and the legal right, and without the intent to returning it.

Before that day, I had reported a few trips and gotten refunds but that was the ceiling.

There was even one day while inside a cab, I was on the phone with my friend telling him about the N7,050 trip, explaining how it was a scam. The driver kept giving me side glances and I figured out that must be using the same app.

I reported the trip immediately I got home and received a refund of over N4,000 from that trip.

I decided to see if it’s a unique experience I was having, but lai-lai. When Nigerians discover something, they must do it to the very end.

The Lockito thing is so rampant that we must review every receipt and look at the map carefully to see if the driver had messed with the GPS.

According to, almost all the cab drivers in Lagos are using the Lockito app. They claim it is because Uber slashed their base fare by 40%, so driving is not so profitable and some of them have to ‘balance’ the owners of the cars they drive weekly.

So to cut corners and also make their own money, they have to go the Lockito way and as such, they become thieves and crooks.

If you have issues with the business, you can quit and find something else to do. You can’t have issues with Uber and decide to take it out on their customers. It’s as simple as that, please.

I know the economy is hard, and things are difficult but you can’t be stealing from other people because you want to make ends meet.

Who do you think has a tree bearing money fruits behind their homes? Most people who use cabs are the working poor, and the lower middle class and a very few upper-middle class.

Everybody is hustling in Lagos but you think you are entitled to people’s hard-earned money because Uber slashed your fares? You are a thief, sir.

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There was a day an elderly man ‘carried’ me and I told him I hoped he was not using the Lockito app because I was tired of that nonsense.

He feigned ignorance and was explaining to me about the traffic surge, so I just kept quiet. When I got to my destination and from the map, I could tell he had messed with my trip.

Again, I had to take action and got Uber to refund my money. I no come Lagos come count bridge abeg.

In all of these, I have had a few drivers this past week who didn’t mess with the GPS and I got my correct fare. I met one who said he had been driving on Uber for three years. He was one of the most professional drivers I have ever had since I started using Uber.

If you use Uber frequently, make sure to look at your receipt and map carefully. Uber will always refund.

But on a brighter note, I heard Taxify has found a permanent solution to that Lockito problem, their drivers can’t use the app.

Well, that’s it for today. Don’t say I haven’t done anything nice for you. Review your fares!

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  1. ajibola ogundele

    I discovered people have problem with English. Estimated fare! Have ever checked to know the meaning. When you are stock in traffic you tell the driver estimated fare. Even when there is surge you tell driver estimated fare. Please check the meaning of estimated fare,also apply it in accounting. The app is not sure of what will come up at the end of the trip. They have done there survey but can not tell what comes out at the end.

    I do agree some drivers do crazy things.


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