Recent Apple Software Update May Slow Down All Its Last Year Phones

Recent Apple Software Update May Slow Down All Its Last Year Phones


Planned obsolescence has been a nutty topic for big techs and regulatory bodies. The million euro fine Italian authorities slapped on Apple and Samsung recently emphasized this scandal.

It seems like there will be another episode soon as Apple has introduced the same ‘performance management feature’ to its last year models. This means that you can expect the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus to slow down performance with the recent 12.1 update to iOS 12.

Apple has said it builds this features into its phones for good reason. It explains that batteries degrade and this impacts the user experience by suddenly shutting down even when seemingly on a full charge.

Thus, Apple has therefore introduced the throttle feature so the iOS can smartly alter the processor’s performance by slowing it down to avoid pushing the batteries to their limit.

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Regulatory authorities frowned at the lack of disclosure of this fact, which Apple automatically included in new updates without prior or ample information disclosed to customers. This made users older Apple phones begin acting out after the unveiling of new models with updated operating systems.

The same thing is expected to happen to last year’s models with this new updates out. Worse still, Apple didn’t exactly give them a choice to opt out of the performance management option.

In the last episode, Apple and Samsung got what many would call a slap on the wrist over the non-disclosure of the performance feature. With the same inclusion made in last year’s iPhones, events may be heading towards another confrontation.

Of course, users now have the option to off the performance management feature but Apple has adviced against it. After all, most users aren’t reliable judges on or even knowledgeable enough about optimum battery capacity and processor use.

That new option, however, was not enough to save it from litigation and a fine in Europe.





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