Reddington Hospital Partners GE to Expand Range of Leading Imaging Technologies and Services in Lagos

Reddington Hospital Partners GE to Expand Range of Leading Imaging Technologies and Services in Lagos

Reddington Hospital yesterday celebrated the inauguration of its newly upgraded Purple Ray Diagnostic Centre that now offers the latest Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI). The inauguration ceremony in Lagos was celebrated with GE Healthcare, which it has selected as its key technology and services partner.

Through the N966.2MM investment, Reddington Hospital, with its mission to provide the highest standards of advanced diagnostic imaging services in Nigeria and West Africa, has added to its range of GE medical technology (available worldwide) including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MR), Computed Tomography scanning (CT), digital mammography and 4D ultrasound amongst other cutting edge equipment.

For the first time in Nigeria, GE Healthcare’s SIGNA Explorer* MR system now at Reddington is designed to help clinicians scan virtually all patient types and clinical areas while delivering excellent image quality and improved workflow. The Signa Explorer MR system can be configured with GE’s Silent Scan** software that reduces excessive acoustic noise generated during a conventional MR exam normally exceeding 110 decibel levels (or roughly equivalent to rock concerts and requiring ear protection), to near ambient or background sound levels, improving patient comfort and the overall patient experience.

The Reddington Hospital has been in the forefront of pioneering many breakthroughs in healthcare in Nigeria which include the first digital Cardiac Catheterization facility in Nigeria, the first angioplasty and stent operation to be performed in Nigeria, the first closure of a hole in the heart in a child using non-surgical modern technology and the first hospital to acquire a 64-slice CT Scan in Western Africa normally used to image the heart and circulatory system.

CEO of Reddington Hospital, Dr. Yemi Onobowale, said: “Since first launching the Purple Ray Diagnostic Centre five years ago, we have scanned many thousands of patients to become one of the leading providers of multi-modality imaging for both patients and providers with 24-hour service. Adding to these capabilities, the new MR Suite significantly expands our range of offerings reinforcing our position as the first and largest imaging regional reference centre for GE Healthcare in West Africa.”

He added: “As one of the world’s leading healthcare providers, we have confidence in the offerings and capabilities of GE Healthcare and are proud to share a common vision of bringing better health outcomes for more citizens in Nigeria.”

Eyong Ebai, General Manager of West Central Africa for GE Healthcare, said: “GE is proud to serve as a long-standing partner with Reddington Hospital as their key technology and solutions provider. For the past five years, with a spirit of innovation and a patient-centred approach, the Purple Ray Diagnostic Centre has delivered many imaging ‘firsts’ in Nigeria. We congratulate them on this important milestone.”

MRI is one of the most sophisticated diagnostic tools available to help a referring clinician understand the cause of a specific health issue. MR uses strong magnet and radio frequency waves to generate images of the body that can help to diagnose a range of ailments of the brain, musculoskeletal problems, vascular abnormalities and soft tissue and bone pathologies and conditions.1

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