5 ways to know if you are in the right relationship

5 ways to know if you are in the right relationship

So you’ve met a wonderful person and had some fantastic dates together. Now it is time to decide if your relationship can turn into something more. If only there was a checklist to help you determine if you should get more serious. Well, Relationup (an app that provides live, relationship advice via chat) has it for you ! Here are five things to observe in your new flame that can help you determine if you want to go down the path of commitment.

What is their relationship like with their family? Observing their family dynamics can tell you a lot about their childhood, their role models for a successful marital relationship and their notion of family life. Some people are raised in difficult environments and overcome their childhood traumas. Others are caught in the memory of their painful childhood and these events may prove to be stumbling blocks for them in the future and in your relationship. So, see if your partner has perspective about their family dynamics or is still entangled in the drama of the past. If the latter is true, you may want to rethink things.

How do they treat their pet? Do they display affection and take good care of it? How they attach to their pet is a good indicator of their ability to feel empathy, display vulnerability and show affection in a relationship. Ultimately, the bond with their pet is an indicator of the way they are in their intimate connections. Check out if your new flame cuddles and shows concern towards Rover or seems disinterested and slightly neglectful. If the pooch is not treated the way you’d want to be treated, it may be a sign of things to come. Read more 

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