Rele Gallery to school artists at #SMWLagos 2016

Rele Gallery to school artists at #SMWLagos 2016

You’ve probably heard it said before that the economy of the next few decades will be largely digital. Everything and everyone is moving online and we all have to adapt.

It seems the transition to be dot com cool; tech savvy, online commercial/branding has not been so easy for creative players, more specifically visual artists.

Despair no further!

On the 26th of February opening at Social Media Week Lagos, Rele Gallery will be holding panel teaching artists, old, young, and new..

  • how to better build a following for their work,
  • connect more effectively with their audience,
  • how to be attractive to galleries, platforms via which their works can be promoted and sold,
  • how to market their work,
  • how to position themselves for corporate sponsorship or partnerships,
  • Heck, how to be cool!


It is definitely not one anyone would want to miss, even if you’re not a visual artist, but work or intend to work in a creative space.

With speakers on board from Samsung, Google West Africa, a globally renowned, tech savvy visual artist and experts from the world of creative entrepreneurship & communication, this one is a must-attend!

Don’t take our word for it though…

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