Funding suspends Reps plan to purchase exotic cars

Funding suspends Reps plan to purchase exotic cars

The House of Representatives has put on hold its plans to purchase 360 exotic cars for its members.

Investigations by our correspondent showed that the funds to prosecute the purchase remained the main drawback for the House in taking a final decision on the controversial “utility” or “committee” cars.

“Funding for the cars will come from the 2016 budget. As you are aware, the budget has not been passed. The passage of the budget will decide how much will be available for vehicles,” a House official said in Abuja.

It was also learnt that the House had yet to decide on the brand of cars to buy for the lawmakers, who were split on whether to settle for Peugeot 508 saloon cars or the 2015 model of Toyota Camry. Read more

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