Revealed! The 10 commandments of SARS – Kayode Oyero

Revealed! The 10 commandments of SARS – Kayode Oyero

My people, don’t mind ASA, there is fire on the mountain. And this time, everybody is on the run.

Over the weekend, the hashtag, #ENDSARS littered social media, from Twitter to Facebook and to Instagram. I ran to Google and punched in SARS. What I saw reminded me of Lord Acton’s quote: “Power tends to corrupt and absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Let me leave grammar for Professor Wole Soyinka and Patrick Obahagbon. Below is a list of the 10 commandments of SARS.

1.   To walk on the streets with a laptop is a sin.

2.   To be young and rich is a sin.

3.   To use a smartphone is a sin.

4.   To be a member of the beard gang means you have joined bad gang.

5.   To wear jean trousers is a sin.

6.   To wear designer tops is a sin; you must be a yahoo-yahoo.

7.   To be jobless is a sin – even if have written 10,000 applications in one month.

8.   To walk around without an I.D card is a sin – (just go and forge one, biko).

9.   To wear a tattoo is a big SIN

10. To wear a Fez cap is a sin, even under the sweltering sun. (You are covering your face which means you are a suspect!)

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