July 20, 2018

Revealed: men and women reply email differently

Revealed: men and women reply email differently

A recent Yahoo labs email study has kind of confirmed what you might have assumed: Men and women have slightly different strategies for communicating with each other. Maybe that’s not a huge surprise, but the numbers behind the study (the largest email one ever conducted) are interesting because the difference really is slight. In fact, while the study concedes that being male or female might affect how you email, the researchers noted that there wasn’t a huge difference between the distribution of the genders’ reply times. (In other words, maybe men and women are actually more similar when it comes to communicating than you thought; the bigger difference is tied to age.)

Researchers perused more than 16 billion emails from 2 million participants over a period of several months—taking into account age, gender, and message size, among other details—to see how a variety of factors affected response time and length. Read more

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