Revisiting the history of Yorubaland

Revisiting the history of Yorubaland

I read with delight the article written by Hon. (Barr.) Femi Kehinde, published in a national newspaper on the history of Yorubaland. To be candid, the article was rich and engaging.  It was a refreshing discourse which must have helped to educate many readers as well as remind several others about the pre-eminent position of Ibadan, especially from the early 19th century, in the scheme of things in Yorubaland.

The article achieved this by focusing on an Ibadan son, Adebisi Sanusi Giwa, who took advantage of the emerging capitalism and post-world war prosperity and tapped into it by becoming an entrepreneur and a philanthropist. The import of this rich historical piece on the ability of Nigerians to achieve success by leveraging on local potentials (agricultural, human, and material resources) should not be lost on the discerning. However, there are some inconsistencies in the piece which, for the sake of posterity, should not go uncorrected.

Firstly, the part of the article which says that Adebisi died in 1838 is obviously an error.  Moreso, another part of the write-up says that he died on June 21, 1938. Read more


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