March 23, 2019


15 years into our new democratic experience, most of us are confused about where our democracy is going. We hear a lot of confusing stories about how some people represent true democracy and how others are the demon sent from hell. I never cease to ponder about what is going on in Nigeria. Do you mind if I share some of my thoughts with you especially in the light of Ribadu’s defection from APC to PDP…

Our politicians are the same: Forget whatever name they choose to call their party or that they hang brooms on their heads or that they promise you umbrellas big enough to accommodate your family, those who play politics in Nigeria are birds of the same feather. The groups of people they associate with today are those who make bread and butter easy for them. The moment the jar of flour is used up in this party, they are ready for a quick flight to the other party. None of them serves fatherland for the love of God or people.

They think about themselves alone and do not give a hoot about you. When they decide to build roads or hospitals or schools, they site them in cities and for two major reasons. The first is to line their pockets and the second is to ensure that media sees their ‘good works’, shout to it to high heavens, and hoodwink you who may never benefit from this ‘good work’ into believing that they work for you. The so-called ‘good work’ that they do has nothing to do with your welfare, it’s all about winning the next election. Kindly do not delude yourself as to assume that these guys genuinely send you. It’s a scam, I promise you.

The tale about rigging: I am tired of this noise about one party having the exclusive franchise to rig elections. Please do not believe them, rigging is totally liberalized on the Nigerian political scene. They all rig elections when they have the opportunity to and only shout when the other party has out-rigged them. Now, it is the dwindling of that potential for rigging that makes them hate the INEC chair, Jega so much.  I am sure Jega knows that if any of these politicians catches him in some dark corner, they would give him some life-long lesson. The man has just come to ‘spoil their show’ and now that rigging is becoming increasingly difficult, they are finding some other way to deal with our psyche. When they don’t threaten us with violence and blood if we don’t vote for them, they send soldiers to keep us in check or go on social media to scream wolf where there are only lambs, they con or force us into doing their will. When they win, it is another year of food for the boys and when they lose, they ridicule us to no end about how we know nothing but our stomachs, either way, we are stuck until we see beyond their deceit and ask them valid questions.

Democracy is growing though they do not want us to know: In spite of them and all their shenanigans, democracy is growing.If you are an ordinary Nigerian like me and you are not a politician, I put it to you that you have reasons to celebrate the progress of democracy in Nigeria. Please not believe any politician who tells you the contrary. I promise you, he is not thinking about you or the future of the country, he is merely concerned about the opportunity that he or his party just missed to grab an office. You see, politicians are eternally restless and dishonest.  They always crave the attention of the common man. When they do not want your votes, they want your sympathy, they want you to agree with them that they have just been cheated out of office.

How can anyone say things are not changing? We have had elections in five states in the past three years. And all five with the exception of Anambra where there were noticeable procedural and logistical lapses, have been adjudged to be free and fair. Now isn’t that something to celebrate? More than that these, politicians are beginning to see that they can no longer take the people for granted. Did you read that the Edo State governor quickly dropped the idea of asking teachers to write examinations and recalled those that he sacked? Did you also hear that the Ogbeni who just won an elections rushed to pay arrears of salaries days before last Saturday’s elections and that our men in Lagos and Ogun have reversed school fees at the state owned university to N25, 000? Isn’t that a miracle? Don’t you see that the people are gradually winning?

Have you also noticed how politicians are being demystified lately Remember the shocker in Ekiti where most government appointees lost in their constituencies. And two Saturdays ago, former Governor Oyinola failed to deliver for the APC in a town where he is prince.  Mr. Adejare Bello, running mate to Senator Iyiola Omisore as well as chairman of the PDP in Osun, Gani Olaoluwa and former Deputy Governor Olusola Obada all lost in their back yards!

Now, I see that the people are reclaiming Nigeria. We must sustain the momentum. No matter how much they cry, no matter how much they try to set us against one another, we cannot afford to be divided. They will bring out uniforms, they will incite us on facebook and set twitter on fire, let us show them that we have the power and that we have seen through them, no matter what they say, democratic power belongs to the people and it is only a matter of time before we take total control for them and determine our own future.


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