Richard-Mofe Damijo: Veteran Actor Writes Enthralling Letter to His Daughter

Richard-Mofe Damijo: Veteran Actor  Writes Enthralling Letter to His Daughter

Nigerian actor Richard-Mofe Damijo, popularly abbreviated as RMD shared a letter on Instagram where he addressed his daughter, Efemma Damijo who turned 16 today.

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RMD is proud of his daughter and he is glad that he still a major figure in her life. RMD who turned 57-years-old this year further used this opportunity to remind his daughter about the ethics of Christianity and African values.

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Although the tone of the message is quite simple and heartwarming nonetheless the prominent actor still mentioned he would be strict on his daughter and aid her through this new level of psychological development. Read the full post below:

“My Efemena, My Princess, I can’t believe it’s been 2 years since I wrote you “that letter” and low-key made some promises -sigh- had I known 2 years were going to creep up on me so quickly, I wouldn’t have been so quick to! -sob-
I look at you and still thank God for gifting you to me, I still worry about the difference between your generation and mine and still worry that I would never be a good enough parent to you and your brother. 
I just wish I raised you to speak Urhobo beyond Migwo, that is one regret I have in raising you but trust me I’m about to change that.

I also wish I could connect more to you by letting you wear whatever you wish to wear, go wherever you wish to go and let you stay out as late as you wish but sorry honey that’s never going to happen, not even at 21 or 25 because I’m that African Dad that will come to your house and set my rules, sorry but I’m not sorry. 

I still want to be the really cool dad so go ahead make that IG account you’ve been hiding for several months public (Yea, I guess you thought I didn’t know, haha, you be Americana, I be Warri boy). Anyway, Efemena, do not let go of first, your Christian then your African values as they are important. 
Let’s just be clear that, I will still Censor your friends, Create a curfew, Censor your outfits and be a “monitoring spirit” unto your social media accounts and if you create a covert one, I will find it so don’t bother. 
I still choose what is right and appropriate over what is cool. 

I understand if you think 16 isn’t getting you the full free pass, don’t sweat it baby, even 25 probably won’t. 
Thank you baby for loving me unconditionally, I do love you much more.
Happy 16th birthday Efemena Mofe-Damijo, God bless and keep you always.
Daddy #MenaAt16 #DaddysPrincess#MenaMofeDamijo #RMDsPride”

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