June 18, 2018

Ritualists free corper over deformity (Punch)

Ritualists free corper over deformity (Punch)

A member of the National Youths Service Corps, Ofodile Juliet Onyinyechi, shared her ordeal in the hands of suspected ritualists while on her way to the place of primary assignment.

The physically challenged former beauty queen said she was happy she was deformed as it saved her life.

The University of Lagos graduate who recounted her ordeal in an Instagram post a few days ago, said it was a blessing that she was born deformed and that she regretted ever blaming God for how she was.

She wrote, “I know it will come as a shocker to you but am glad it will electrocute the devil. “On Thursday at about 5am, I boarded a bus at my bus stop and another man wanted to enter but the conductor refused saying he had 1000naira this early morning but the man didn’t say anything so how did the conductor know? Read more

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