June 18, 2018

Rwanda genocide: France keeps 1990s archives secret (BBC)

Rwanda genocide: France keeps 1990s archives secret (BBC)

France’s top constitutional authority says presidential archives on Rwanda should remain secret, thwarting a genocide researcher.

In 1994 France backed Rwanda’s ethnic Hutu leaders at the time of the genocide by Hutu militias. Some 800,000 people – mostly Tutsis – were killed.

The Constitutional Council says a 25-year block on ex-president François Mitterrand’s documents is legitimate.

A researcher, François Graner, had sought permission to study them.

He argued that the rule keeping many government documents under wraps violated the public right of access to official archives – a right dating back to the 1789 French Revolution.

He said he is prepared to take the case to the European Court of Human Rights.

The restrictions on access to the presidential archives “are justified on the grounds of common interest and are proportional”, the Council said in its ruling. Read more

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