Ryder Cup Star Koepka Regretful of Blinding Woman’s Eye With Errant Golf Shot

Ryder Cup Star Koepka Regretful of Blinding Woman’s Eye With Errant Golf Shot



US Ryder Cup star Brook Koepka calls it ‘one of the worst days’ of his life when he discovered his wayward golf caused a woman to lose sight in one eye.

The golf star said he was ‘heartbroken’ and all ‘messed up’ when Corine Remande revealed the shot that fractured her right eye socket and caused an ‘explosion of the eyeball’ had left her permanently without vision.

‘It’s a tragic accident, I’m heartbroken,’ Koepka told reporters Tuesday at the Alfred Dunhill Links Championship at St. Andrews in Scotland.

‘I’m all messed up inside. It will definitely be the one shot I regret in my career. Yesterday was one of the worst days of my life.’

Koepka reveals he had reached out to the family and hopes to talk to Remande.

‘I’m torn up about it,’ he added. ‘She’s not going to be able to see out of her eye again and I hit the golf ball, it’s upsetting.’

Remande, 49-years-old, had traveled from her home in Egypt with her husband to watch the biennial team event between Europe and USA. She was standing to the left of the sixth hole when Koepka’s miscued shot careered into the crowd.

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Koepka, whose group reportedly shouted ‘fore’ — the signal to indicate a wayward shot — attended the scene and signed a glove for Remande, admitting he was ‘shaken’ for a few holes.

‘It happened so fast, I didn’t feel any pain when I was hit. I didn’t feel like the ball had struck my eye and then I felt the blood start to pour,’ Remande told AFP.

She was taken to hospital in Paris and then transferred to Lyon where her family lives.

‘Doctors told me I had lost the use of that eye,’ she said, adding she is considering legal action against tournament organizers to recoup medical expenses.

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