Health dangers of table salt

Health dangers of table salt

Increased intake of salt can cause kidney, heart and brain problem, but could you have ever guessed, that too much salt can be harmful to your liver? It doesn’t directly affect the liver, but can cause some of the problems which will, later on, harm your liver. These problems are:

That’s why it’s important to know when you eat too much salt. We will talk about how you can notice symptoms of high blood pressure, and symptoms of fluid retention. And also how exactly can salt cause those problems within our bodies, and what is the optimal intake of salt during the day.

How Salt Causes Fluid Retention and What Are Its Symptoms:

1. Causes of Fluid Retention
Fluid Retention or simply edema can also be caused by a high increase of salt in our body. The reasons this problem can occur is in most cases a bad diet involving a big intake of salt, which will in return make your body retention its fluid, and make you drink more water daily. Just like with every other food, make sure to manage how much salt you eat during the day. Check the packages for information on how much salt they have, and keep in mind that an average person shouldn’t eat more than 1500 milligrams of salt per day Read more 

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