March 21, 2019

Samsung Adds High Utility 4G Connectivity Feature To Smart Watch

Samsung Adds High Utility 4G Connectivity Feature To Smart Watch


Samsung launched a new Galaxy watch in September spotting a new look and improved fitness features.

And only recently, it announced a new update to its smartwatch that is bound to increase functionality and is a big addition to its utility appeal.

The SmartWatch is able to detect up to 40 exercises and will automatically track your daily workouts.


It is a good option for swimmers to use as it is water resistant for up to 50 metres.


It also has an extended battery life, heart monitoring and AMOLED display for chic appeal. The refreshed version will be adding to all these great points with guess what, 4G connectivity.


EE has just announced that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4G smartwatch is now available exclusively to pre-order on its network.

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This new update means the Watch can access emails, texts, stream music and make calls without the need to be connected to a smartphone.


EE says that Samsung’s first 4G smartwatch can be pre-ordered over the phone, in store or via the EE online shop.


The Galaxy Watch 4G is available on a 24-month plan for £20 per month which comes with unlimited data, as well as a 1GB data boost which is added to your current smartphone data allowance.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4G’s eSIM can pair with an EE pay monthly or SIM-only Samsung smartphone, allowing customers to use one number across both their phone and watch.


To take advantage of the new watch’s 4G capability, customers simply need to be on any EE Pay Monthly voice plan and have a compatible Samsung smartphone.


Speaking about the news Sharon Meadows, Director of Devices, Products & Partnerships at EE, said: ‘Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4G is the first 4G smartwatch for Android customers which is brought to life by EE’s advanced 4G network.


‘Exclusively available on EE, for the first time Samsung customers can now leave their smartphone at home and still take calls and messages using the same number when going for a run or popping out to the shops.’

Nigerian buyers may have to wait a little longer to enjoy the 4G utility of the watch with broadband providers hurrying to provide such capacity and making steady progress in the meantime.

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