Samsung And Apple – Latest Battle Over Smartphone Market

Samsung And Apple – Latest Battle Over Smartphone Market

The two-way fight between Tech Giants, Samsung and Apple, manufacturers of phone devices, are locked in severe competition for consumers’ patronage in the smartphone segment to boost their market shares.

The manufacturers are competing for additional market share with the release of new phones such as the iPhone-series from Apple and the Galaxy-series from Samsung. This time, the tussle is between Samsung’s Galaxy Note 9 and Apple’s iPhone X.

New features like organic light emitting diode, OLED screen, facial recognition (Face ID), wireless-charging support and an upgraded dual camera are being added to ensure greater acceptability.

The phone makers have also developed other new camera features which include screen optimizer and flaw detection. Others are larger storage capacity, Desktop experience (DeX) and aspect ratio display performance. There is also the S Pen (Stylus pen) which is a capacitive and resistive touch screen technology.

Findings reveal that Apple’s policies are not often fully pro-consumer. Apple’s smartphones and iPhones, do not support expandable memory (no MicroSD slot). It sells its memory cards and phones at high margins, although lower in the low-end capacity iPhones. Most consumers prefer entry-level iPhone than spend extra on a high-capacity iPhone.

Samsung, though, approaches from a different route. The Galaxy Note 9 comes with either 128GB or 512GB of internal storage; both models still support expandable storage thanks to a microSD card slot. The Galaxy Note 9 supports expandable storage and tops 512GB instead of 256GB for iPhone X. So the Note 9 has more available storage out of the box, and you can put a 512GB microSD card for a whopping 1TB of storage.


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