Searching this online could harm your system

Searching this online could harm your system

Beware! Searching this on the internet could harm your system Intel security announced on Tuesday (27 September). Knocking Dutch electronic dance music artist DJ Armin van Buuren off of the list, Schumer has topped McAfee’s annual Most Dangerous Celebrities list study.

Covering a wide range of well-known figures including actors, musicians, TV hosts, comedians, and athletes among others, the research determines which celebrities churn out the most dangerous search results that could potentially expose readers to viruses and malware looking to read up on their favourite icons.

According to the firm, a normal search for the ‘Inside Amy Schumer’ star comes with a 16% chance of connecting to a virus or malware-laden website. A search for ‘Amy Schumer Torrent,’ on the other hand, carries a 33% chance of connecting to a malicious website highlighting the growing trend of cord-cutting users moving away from cable TV towards streaming videos, TV shows and movies online. Read more

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