March 20, 2019

See Samsung’s Bendy Screen to Go on Its Next Big Market Device

See Samsung’s Bendy Screen to Go on Its Next Big Market Device


Samsung may be jumping in on the bendy phone fad sooner than promised, even If later than expected. Royole Corporation beat it and LG to the first foldable phone in the market.

Now, Samsung has revealed its first foldable phone, Galaxy F or Galaxy X and it calls the display the Infinity-V.

The Infinity–V popped up on a Korean intellectual property office document. And all is looking like Samsung finally will be entering its new display screen in the market.

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The infinity name is reminiscent of Samsung’s recent edge to edge display in most of its current phones like the Galaxy S9. Its likely users will be getting lots of display space already even before we account for the fold-out extra area.

Of course, there is a chance this is the display for the new Samsung Galaxy S10. Although the addition of the ‘V’ suggests that fold shape so we’re inclined to lean toward this appearing on the Galaxy F.

Samsung F


Samsung is expected to tease the Galaxy F at an event in November with a release early in 2019.

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