March 23, 2019

See Why These Pet Foxes Have 2.5 million Instagram Followers

See Why These Pet Foxes Have 2.5 million Instagram Followers

True, foxes aren’t known for being good pets. But Juniper and Fig aren’t your average rescues.

The two North American red foxes were born in captivity and rescued from fur farms three years ago. Genetically different from their counterparts, they can not be released into the wild; instead, they live happy, full lives with their loving adoptive family in Florida and their doggo brothers.

And what’s cuter than an adorable fox? Try an adorable fox playing with a supercute dog!

Their owner, Jessika Coker, started posting pictures of them on Instagram a little over three years ago, and the account quickly grew to 2.5 million followers. Their fans are just as in love with the furry foxes as we are.

And the foxes are more than just social media stars, they even have their own book and a 2019 calendar so you can spend 365 days with these cuties. Read more

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