March 22, 2019

See Why You Need To Choose Complexes Over Isolation Workouts in 2019

See Why You Need To Choose Complexes Over Isolation Workouts in 2019


Choose complexes for 2019, it’s going to be what gets you to the fitness level you desire.

Isolation workouts like kickbacks, preacher curls and others like them should be left behind with last year. Now, understand what I’m saying: isolation workouts aren’t bad, they just aren’t as effective for beginners or people with an intermediate fitness level.

Think about isolation workouts as the icing on the cake and compound workouts (otherwise called complexes) as the cake itself.

It only makes sense that you should mind the cake first, without it, the icing is really just decoration in tubes.

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Isolation or concentration workouts help to really sculpt ALREADY developed body parts, giving amazing definition. That is why professional body builders use them a lot, because they already have built physiques. For those of us who care about athleticism as well as aesthetics in one as a package, complexes are the way to go. Check out why:

  1. They are time efficient

You get to do more in less time when you use more complexes as opposed to concentration workouts. For all of those who are time strapped but still really want to work out, this solves your problem. You get a sweaty session in less time. Who doesn’t want that? Tell me, Who?


  1. They Increase your gains

Whatever the goal is: whether to build strength, improve athleticism, lose fat or other concerns, compound workouts are the way to go. Imagine a beginner who works out 3 times a week at the gym doing complexes. And one who works out 4 times focused mainly on isolation workouts like ordinary curls, kickbacks, extensions etc. The former will touch up more muscular groups, increasing the likelihood of working on one muscle the ideal two or three times a week. This fact assures better progress over time than an isolation workout focused routine.

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  1. Greatest way to access intensity

Complexes are one sure way to increase workout intensity, which assures more benefit from workouts long term. Research shows that the body continues to burn fat up to 36 hours after a gym session when the workouts are really intense, with shorter rest times.

Complexes are normally more tasking as they combine 2 or more routines in one. By sticking to the routines, faster progress can be made.


Examples of Complexes to Try

  1. Push-ups to pikes to divers (Shoulder and core dominant)
  2. Inchworm walk-in to jump in to KB OH (OverHead raise)
  3. Lunges to conventional squats to side leg raises (Legs and core dominant)
  4. Deadlifts to clean and jerks to squat (Total Body workout)
  5. Split squats to DB OH Press to DB Front raises
  6. Clean pull to Olympic lifts to squats (Pull Focused/Total Body Workout)
  7. Hollow hold to leg raises to V- ups (core dominant)
  8. L-Sits to V-ups to Hand stands using Parallettes (Calisthenics focused)

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