July 20, 2018

Sefi Atta’s ‘The Engagement’ returns to Muson

Sefi Atta’s ‘The Engagement’ returns to Muson

Sefi Atta’s play, The Engagement will return to the Muson Centre in October the same venue where it was staged in 2005.

Written in 2002 and first broadcast on BBC radio, ‘The Engagement’ explores the conspiracies and tensions of a relationship that has advanced to pre-wedding flourishing as entailed by the eponymous title. So many hearts have been shattered in the ever-busy romantic scene, and it is either men are at the receiving end or often times, the women folks seem the losers of everything.

In July of 2014, the play was a headliner at the Taruwa Festival. It has maintained relevance in the Nigerian literary sphere with many reviews and has also become a subject of discourse on matters where its thematic preoccupations are deliberated.

In an announcement at the Wednesday press briefing, “the 21st MUSON festival of the Arts has adopted the play as this year’s Chevron Festival Drama, so named after its sponsor since 2001 and would be directed by Patrick-Jude Oteh of the Jos Repertory Theatre.

Expected to take the centre-stage on Saturday 21 October 2017, there will be 2pm and a 6pm show at the Agip Recital Hall.


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